Once upon a time, humanity and nature lived together and each knew all the other’s secrets in beautiful harmony. Even though something has gone wrong over the years, there is now a new generation ready to welcome nature’s new revelation, starting from our everyday gestures. It’s a new way to nourish ourselves, seek fresh air, and take care of our bodies. Our guide along this path is a thin and precious thread of hemp, which runs through an entire product line for your face, body, hair and surroundings. The main ingredient is Organic Hemp Oil of Italian origin, the most versatile natural antioxidant. Such an idea could only come out of Italy, with raw materials and processes which respect both human beings and the environment. We refuse to harm Mother Nature to make ourselves beautiful.


To the man who knows how to listen, nature reveals just how miraculous it is in all its expressions. The simple, modest hemp plant contains a precious Oil, a true elixir of youth which is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 antioxidants. These powerful natural anti-aging substances transform your daily beauty routine into a moment of renewal, even as the seasons change, just as nature does. The magic of this Oil is its ability to gradually increase the benefits it gives you, as its composition of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals is similar to that of natural cutaneous lipids. Its emollient and elasticising properties, for example, increase with use, season after season, giving the skin an extraordinarily bright and velvety lustre. It effectively prevents skin dehydration, as well as all kinds of extreme sensitivity and skin fragility, promoting a healthy balance and helping the skin’s natural barrier to function normally. This precious Oil also has significant benefits for your hair, combating dryness and dehydration and leaving it luscious and healthy thanks to the Oil’s vitaminising properties. It acts on the skin, redressing the scalp’s natural balance and giving it extreme shine and vitality. Hemp Care bottles up only the finest organic Oil for our products. Purely and simply pure and simple.

All the products in the range are characterised by a refined fragrance, which is the result of selecting fine scents, plunging the senses into an authentic aromatic journey through Sicilian Citrus, Bitter Orange, Sage, Hemp Leaves, White Rose, Jasmine, Spices and Precious Woods. Mother Nature also reveals herself through her magnificent scents!

All HEMP CARE products are made with ORGANIC ITALIAN HEMP OIL.
It is a magic Oil with well-known characteristics and properties with exceptional results.



Antioxidising action, important for countering the formation of free radicals and aging of the skin.
It helps the skin maintain a good moisture balance and the right level of hydration.


Are responsible for keeping your cellular balance properly adjusted, as well as having a high nutritional value for the skin, keeping it supple, hydrated and firm.


Lend softness to the skin without leaving it greasy and protect it against free radicals, thereby limiting cellular damage.


Characteristics of Hemp Care formulations:


All formulas contain Hemp Oil from organic, 100% Italian farms.


Hemp Care formulas are enriched with surfactants and emulsifiers of purely vegetable origin, and only ever from renewable sources.


All formulas have undergone clinical studies that attest to their excellent skin tolerability.


The products have undergone an investigation to verify the presence of nickel-traces, guaranteed below the maximum threshold of 1 ppm (parts per million).


All Hemp Care formulas are free from PEG, parabens, petrolatum, mineral oils, SLS, SLES and colourings.


The unique fragrance of the Hemp Care line has been carefully selected to whisk your senses away in an unforgettable olfactory journey.


Every product in the Hemp Care line has been entirely designed, formulated, manufactured and packed in Italy.

Allegrini Group

Hemp Care. Born from Allegrini’s love of beauty and nature.

Allegrini is a family company founded in 1945, whose cosmetics division has, for the last 30 years, been writing stories of beauty with products that are 100% Made in Italy, fascinating customers worldwide. It is a special microcosm, in which everything is handled directly from the Grassobbio headquarters, in Bergamo. The internal research laboratories are dedicated to the creation of ever-new formulas. Projects are followed throughout every stage, every detail is nurtured and loved: the bottle, the printing, the packaging. All in full respect of the concept of zero product miles, protecting nature and guaranteeing the lowest possible impact on the environment. Particular attention has always been paid to the GoGreen concept, which influences choices both in terms of formulas and packaging. The pride of the concept are formulas which can be created according to specific criteria: no parabens, dermatologically tested, ICEA and Ecolabel certifications, with ingredients of natural and organic origin, without mineral oils, petrolatum or silicones…
New solutions are constantly being studied, thanks to substantial investment in innovative technology and exclusive raw materials, such as, for example, Hemp Care, a small treasure of purity and effectiveness dedicated to the new millennium concept of sustainable beauty.


Vicolo Salvo d’’Acquisto, 2 24050 Grassobbio (BG) – Italy
tel. +39 035 424 2111

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