Duo Shaving gel / Post shave balm

The perfect duo for the shaving ritual

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This kit contains:
  • Shaving gel 150 ml
Transparent, non-foaming gel for a perfect shave: allows you to design your beard, moustache and goatee precisely. The formula contains precious Organic Italian Hemp Oil, which enables the product to soften your facial skin and help to prevent the irritation caused by shaving. The addition of Bamboo Extract promotes freshness and wellbeing.  
  • Post shave balm 150 ml
Balm with a creamy texture, which penetrates quickly, nourishing your facial skin after shaving. Formulated with precious ingredients such as Organic Italian Hemp OilAllantoinGlycerinOrganic Shea ButterCocoa ButterOrganic Sweet Almond Oil and Linseed Extract, it also carries out a regenerating, soothing, emollient and refreshing action.