Resi e Recessi


The customer who has accepted the offer from Allegrini S.p.A. has the right to withdraw within 14 (fourteen) days from receipt of the item via explicit declaration (via recorded letter with acknowledgement of receipt, fax or certified email to Allegrini S.p.A. at the address indicated in article 8 of the sales terms and conditions), without the exercising of said right needing to be justified, and without this leading to any consequence which is detrimental or in any way unfavourable. As an alternative to said communication, to this end, the customer may also use the item returns form provided by the seller, with the customer’s explicit declaration of withdrawal at the foot. In the case in which the latter option is chosen, the company will send confirmation of the request for withdraw via email.

The right to withdraw is governed by the limitations set by Legislative Decree n. 185/99; it also cannot be exercised if the item has been damaged, or used, or clearly customised for the client.

In the event that Allegrini S.p.A. has been paid the price of the item, the same Allegrini S.p.A. will reimburse the amount paid by the client within 30 days of receipt of the communication of withdrawal in the mode agreed with the client.

Following the exercising of the right to withdraw, the customer must send an email to Allegrini S.p.A. and then send the items, at their own expense, to the address indicated in the return email which they will receive from Allegrini S.p.A. The items in question must be sent within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the return email. The items must be carefully packed in order to avoid any possible damage. All items must also be returned to the sender-supplier in their original packaging.

Once the items have been received, Allegrini S.p.A. will provide for the sending of the sum paid within 30 days. In the event that said amount has been paid via credit card, Allegrini S.p.A. will provide for the crediting of the same sum to the customer via the card issuer.

Returns management (RMA)

If you have a problem that has not been resolved by our technical support, you may return the item to us. The first step is to send an e-mail to